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Sustainability of Glass

Sustainability & the Environment

Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material which provides great environmental benefits such as contributing to mitigating climate change and saving precious natural resources. It is also highly appreciated in many applications for its inert nature and its contributions to safeguarding people’s health ad well being.

Mitigate climate change

In many of its application glass can help to save energy. It is most obvious in the case for insulating glass for windows and facades but also for less known products such as weight-lightening reinforcement glass fibre used in automotive, aviation and other transport modes to reduce the weight of vehicle and their fuel consumption.

Glass is also used to generate renewable energy through solar-thermal and photovoltaic applications and wind turbine, which largely profit from light weight reinforcement glass fibres.

Save natural resources

Glass is a resource efficient material which is made of abundant natural raw material such as sand and glass waste (cullets). Glass is a fully recyclable material that can be recycled in close loop over and over again.

This is particularly true for glass bottles which on average have a recycling rate varying from 50% to 80%. Thanks to glass recycling, significant amounts of raw materials are saved and natural resources are preserved. Glass recycling also helps in saving energy as cullets melt at a lower temperature than raw materials. Consequently, less energy is required for the melting process.

In other glass sectors, considerable efforts are made to recycle glass after use even though each sector has its own specificities and quality requirements. The amount of solid waste produced by the glass industries during manufacturing is extremely low in the glass industries as almost all glass waste (cullets) are immediately recycled and put back to furnaces to serve as raw material.

Safeguard people’s health and well-being

Glass is among the preferred materials not only for its aesthetics but also for its own characteristics. Glass preserves taste and vitamins. As an inert material, it guarantees that food and beverages placed in glass containers are not stained by the packaging. It is also commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to preserve the properties of medicines. In another side of the medical sector, optical glass helps improve the vision of millions of Europeans.

In construction as well, architects not only use large glazed areas for their energy-saving properties but also because they provide natural light into buildings which enhance living and working conditions of occupants. Studies show that glass in buildings, through all these benefits, contribute to people’s well-being and improved health conditions.

Glass as the main material

in our group we have decided to use a clear material such as Glass, Plastic, resin, Polypropylene to emphasise on the idea of flow. the user can see the flow of water inside the vessel


Some great examples of how several textures and forms can give us a unique feeling/ how we perceive them?

Research, ARTMIND Objects

Start from top left to right: Strong, Invincible, Pure, Balanced, Depressed, Tough, Ambitious, Angry, Mean.

Artist’s Statement: 

This ceramic art object is part of my ‘99 feelings’-project.
It derives from a project I did many years ago reflecting my self-portrait.
I called it ‘how the outside can tell how you feel inside’.
I started out with 9 feelings and then I suddenly thought of making 99 of them… 
I like the fact that the number is uneven and that it leaves at least one feeling to complete to 100. That one unfinished feeling to make 100, represents for me all the feelings I haven’t covered and that it can be anything…
It is a series of babushka’s where I added a texture or addition to it on the outside.
Quite often, these textures or additions lead you to the feeling right away or sometimes it might recall a complete different feeling for you. 
That is perfectly possible as this is just what it evokes for me. 
It can be anything you feel as there is no ‘right’ feeling for it. 
Each feeling is subjective and personal.
My sculptures are created as art objects. A lot of time and love goes into each one. 
This feeling comes unglazed, as glazing or raku firing would distract from the feeling.
Being ‘naked’ makes the feeling stronger too.
These are 7,5cm or 3” in height, sometimes a bit higher, depending on what feeling it represents.

Mitsy Sleurs


Many snakes constrict prey to kill it before swallowing it. Constriction involves wrapping loops of the body around a prey animal to restrain it so that it cannot escape or injure the snake, and to kill it before ingestion. Constriction was probably a key innovation in the evolution of snakes and was associated with the diversification of snakes.

Moon, B.(2011). Constriction In Snakes. accessed 19 May 2014 at:

Here are some very quick sketches and a mindmap on the spot
The top left is the pattern that came to mind by looking at people daydreaming.
The top right is when the bus stoped and doors opened, people getting on and off, its like liquid in a vessel (bus)

Journey 1st of May, From Home to Work

This trip happened early in the morning when everyone was in a rush to go to work. i was in a bus for most of it, so my main focus was the behaviour of my surrounding. here is a point form of different things that i experienced, i have to pick one and focus on it.

  • Cold and dry Environment, air con was on even if it’s winter
  • grown up people are struggling to find a spot to seat.
  • a feeling of restriction as everyone is jammed in the bus + a felling of awardness as everyone is looking at people that are sitting.
  • 90% of people are Daydreaming! i thought the pattern that has been created by people staring at a spot was quite cool
  • the contrast between the harsh buildings and organic trees! (First 3 photos), it’s almost like the tree is melting on a concrete surface
  • machinery people, even if it’s busy no one cares about each other.
  • the pattern that humans are creating while crossing the street ( very dense to very diffused.

these are some of the points that i though can potentially form a concept.


Images to be projected onto a large screen while we stand in front of the screen. We chose to project our images as, on a literal level, our bodies are a ‘projection’ of the universe’. On a more abstract level, we wish to demonstrate everything-ness by becoming one with our presentation itself, therefore illustrating how our bodies are related to everything in the universe.

I chose nature as a concept for my body drawings, as I feel that nature symbolises the universe itself. Similar to Katie Scott’s artworks, I related the patterns and textures of our body to that of nature. I also demonstrate the infinite quality of ‘everything-ness’ and the universe through repetition and lines.

Lastly, I related my images to my poem by expanding on the idea of ‘paths and creeks’ in visual form, and transforming these lines into branches of a tree. I also relate our body to the universe by referring to them as ‘twins’ in the poem, while highlighting the similarities between celestial beings in space, such as stars. This imagery is referred to in my image of two trees aligned side by side.

My process involved drawing on my hand using fine liner and coloured marker, and drawing on my face and lips with eyeliner and eyeshadow. I particularly liked how the lines of eyeliner resembled that of ink drawings, and plan to further experiment with this in the future.

Afterwards, the photos were imported into Photoshop and colour corrected. I used a combination of lasso tool, custom brush creation, clone stamp and transform tool to create the images.

These are the abstract body cell images that i came up with :D